Drevant & surroundings

Drevant in the heart of Berry : historical provincial France, earth of inspiration.

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    Just 2 hours south of Paris, the Berry (including the Cher and Indre) offers its visitors all its secrets and attracts them for ever.

    By the Loire, a glass of Sancerre wine in your hand enjoy a « chavignol » cheese.. And you can’t resist these simple pleasures ! From the natural regional park of «the Brenne » and the castle of Valençay to Bourges town, make the most of large protected places or cities with character. Close on George Sand’s or Chopin’s or Alain Fournier’s heels, fall under the spell of such an entrancing heritage with its magical nature and its splendour. Be curious, come and enjoy such a fine and rare balance.

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    There enjoy walking, riding a bicycle in the village, along the canal or the Cher river. The place « Islet of Godine » is in the center of the village and lined with the canal of Berry. Electric boats in order to listen to nature and discover exceptional surroundings.

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    If you want to have a break, to have lunch or dinner, reserve a table at « St Jean II » Restaurant.

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    Typical of architecture in «the Boischaut », barns own sloping roofs with protected works. Vineyard stalls show the important wine producing past during the 19th century. The canal of the Berry was used in 1835 from Montluçon to St Amand (but today put out of use) It is to be rehabilitated for tourism. When you leave the village, you can admire a bridge « Eiffel style» that crosses «the Cher » river, a fishing spot.

    20 km,from Drevant, « Tronçais » forest spreads over several acres. It belongs to the most beautiful massifs forest in France.

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    Gallo-Roman heritage
    Secondary town « Derventum » was built during the first century after JC lots of monuments are dedicated to meetings and pilgrimages:
    - a gallo-roman theatre (85m in diameter) could hold 5000 persons
    - A sanctuary surrounded with a gallery ; in the center, a forum, religious place from the Gallic period
    - Thermal baths, today covered, complete these monuments.

    Medevial heritage
    - St Julien’s church, built during theXIIth century has a simple nave. On the front, you can see a clock with one hand (XVIIIth century) and a roman,socle.
    - The priory has a Roman front , listed by « historical Monuments » It was attached to “ Moutier d’Ahun abbey »