'Roses' family room

Family suite is made up of 3 bedrooms :
« Roses », « Poppies » and « Flax » (for 5/6 persons)

These 3 rooms interconnect : for couples, families, friends, so, you can occupy:
- Only the « Roses » room (2 people)
- « Roses » room and « Flax » extra room
- « Roses », « flax » and « Poppies » rooms
With a large common bathroom : « Arum »

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    Large room (16m2) English romantic style, smart colours (beige and plum coloured, liberty semi-flowers) – Bed (140cm), antique furniture: wardrobe, 2 bedside tables, dressing table and a bowed highchair.

    When you open the shutters, you’ll get a wonderful view onto «the canal of Berry » and its tall firs.

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    Extra room between « Poppies » and « Roses » rooms. Sweet atmosphere: light colours (beige and white).
    Bed with curved sides (120cm) and antique dressing furniture. Perfect place to install a baby’s bed.

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    When you open the shutters, you’ll get a beautiful view onto « the canal of Berry » and its tall firs.

    Nice room (16m2): beige and red colours, « poppies » frieze, bedspread, lampshades, the fabrics of the chairs and cushions are assorted, poppy patterns and red shades. The room is furnished with two beds of 90 cm from a console desk and two bedside tables assorted cream-gray patina tones, a high chair with ties...

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    Dedicated to « Rose » room or family suite, this large bathroom (11m2) looks very luminous View onto the park.

    White and anise-green, the decoration is smart and original: beams and stones. Great comfort : double washbasin, shower (1m20), separate WC in the bathroom, towel-dryer, heating , hairdryer, bath towels, bathrobe and so on...